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Promotion work is an important milestone in the career. Find out how to take advantage of this opportunity to you.

Desire To Get Promotion
Some promotion was unexpected, for example if there is a sudden vacancy and your manager asks you to play such a role. However, a common way to get a promotion usually requires long-term thinking, hard work, high performance and consistent in your current job.

Make sure you Really Want It
Before you begin to seriously pursue a sale, you need to decide if it is really you want. Yes, the promotion means career advancement, earn more, public recognition for your skills and may improve status in the workplace and in your community.
However, there are certainly return. With the promotion, you can also get a heavy workload, responsibility, work longer and probably more stressful.

Preparing for Promotion
Seek opportunities. Most promotions have nothing to do with luck. To win promotion, you have to work well and know how to sell themselves.
Think strategically. Sometimes you have to think several moves ahead. Your Way to a particular position may involve intermediate position. Career springboard allows you to gain important experience and leads to great opportunities.
Conducting personal development. New skills, confidence and a new outlook on life can help towards your promotion opportunities.
Manage perception. As you must have the skills, experience and qualifications well, you also need to manage other people’s perception about you.
Take advantage of the performance assessment. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss your aspirations with your boss.
Show your readiness. Willing to face challenges beyond your normal job description. This is a good way to demonstrate your readiness for promotion.

Creating Opportunities Promotion
• Indicate your interest. If there is a chance of promotion and you want it, make sure the relevant decision-makers know that you are interested. This is a good time to sell yourself.
• Try the internal vacancies. In some companies, this is a formal process that requires a lot of preparation and attention to detail as well as when applying for a new job.
• Show me your seriousness. When you say “yes” to these promotional opportunities, your performance may be monitored. Never assume that your promotion is a certainty until conditions defined.

When You Receive Promotions
• Moving into your new position. There will be a period of adjustment when you get your new position. Normal if you need time to adapt.
• Focus forward. Avoid common mistakes such as gloating over a colleague who is not successful sale. Be humble and focused to prove that you are worthy of promotion.

Note About Career Planning
Getting a promotion is one way to create the future you desire. But, do not easily satisfied, you still have to cultivate the spirit and consistency to continue to develop your career.

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