For The Fresh Graduates: Make sure you know 7 Essentials This Before Starting Work

Govt Job Form: Graduated from college most of us would continue to live with the phase of applying for a job. You previously struggled completing course work is now busy applying for jobs there and here. Starting from the website management jobs, came to the job fair, up by using a connection in order to reach friends all do the job.

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But before finally joining into an office, make sure the company has 8 it ya:

  1. Your office gave UMR remunerated in accordance with the city.
    One characteristic of a healthy company is he obeys the Employment Act. Well in the legislation there are rules of remuneration by the company, one of which must be in accordance with the Minimum Wage (UMR). In every city there how UMR provisions that must be accepted. UMR statutes are usually tailored to the needs minimal cost of living prevailing in each region.

2. Establish a clear recruitment system.

Not just to give a salary in accordance with the minimum wage, before deciding to join a look at how these companies recruit employees. A good company usually already have a standard recruitment where it is done on each prospective employee. They will also explain any selection process to go through before finally receiving one to join.

3. Career path for high achievers.

You certainly do not want to work at a company that does not provide a promising career path. This means that if at first you are accepted as a junior accountant, later the next few years you expect no increase in positions such as senior accountant becomes. Well good companies also provide this opportunity where everyone can develop his career if it shows good performance.

4. Training to improve the quality of employees.

Basically, a company is not just a place to earn money but also to hone skills. Therefore in addition to giving a salary, ideal company also expected to provide training to its employees. The training course will be useful to improve the quality of employees in order to work better.

5. a healthy work culture and open.

In a job interview you ask about the important legal work culture is there. The reason is with this understanding you can judge whether the work culture there can menunjangmu to become a better person again. IDNtimes suggest choose a company with a healthy work culture and open, so that you as a young child can learn just as much much.

6. Health insurance is adequate.

Certainly do not want anyone hurt, but in reality we can not always avoid it. Therefore, before accepting an employment contract try to ask whether the related company providing health insurance. The health insurance card can be BPJS, reimbursement, or other insurance. Remember the health of workers is one of the responsibilities that must be provided by the company .

7. work rules in accordance with the law.

The last point of the characteristics of the ideal company is the agency must follow the rules imposed by the Department of Labor. Therefore before joining learn first what are the rules set by the company concerned. Such as whether the working hours there are eligible at 40 hours per week for a fulltime employee, vacation time of 12 days per year for employees, or for pregnant women allowed to take maternity leave, and so forth. If all the rules have been met then it is a sign that the company is indeed obey the rules.



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